Director: Tim Burton

Today, let’s jump back in time: we propose a movie came out in 1990.

One of the best well-done movies by Tim Burton, which consecrate his long-lasting partnership, with the actor Johnny Depp, giving life to what remains an unforgettable masterpiece, which is able to thrill generations of fans.

Many years later after its creation, a representative of cosmetics, Peggy Boggs (Dianne Wiest), was visiting the gothic villa located at the top of the hill of the town, finds Edward (Johnny Depp) lonely and abandoned. Realizing that, although having sharping fingers, the boy is harmless, Peggy decides to bring him with her. Despite Edward’s dark and mysterious appearance contrasts with the “colorful” and happy appearance of other people of the neighborhood, the boy becomes friends with Peggy’s younger son, Kevin, and with her husband Bill, and he completely falls in love with the beautiful Kim (Winona Ryder), Peggy’s teenage daughter, though she feels a little humbled by him.

Edward, revealed very skilled in creating sculptures with bushes, using the long blades he has at the place of hands, delightfully impresses all the neighbors, even getting to the point in which he uses his skills to create great hairstyles to the ladies of the neighborhood. So, in the entire area there is a wide spread feeling of trust and sympathy towards Edward, except for the fanatic religious Esmeralda (convinced that Edward is the Devil) and Jim, Kim’s boyfriend.

A movie which is presented as an hymn to the value of friendship, useful to destroy stereotypes and clichés, with a transporting rhythm and an exciting story.

A movie in which different kinds of ingredients are mixed, creating a story with an unusual hero, special enough to be unforgettable, even today.

Edward could be associated to the desire of revenge innate in every one of you, to the side which craves to act, but is scared at the same time: Edward is the symbol of who dares the impossible, but away from prying eyes.

Edward_mani_di_forbice 4

Wishing you to enjoy the movie, I’ll leave here some curiosities about it:

  • Edward’s appearance, especially the hair and the makeup, is inspired by Robert Smith, front man and leader of the group “The Cure”, to which Tim Burton even asked to write the sound track of the movie, even if the singer, in that moment, was still busy with the recording of “Disintegration”;
  • Johnny Depp only says 169 words in the whole movie;
  • Some of the sculptures made by Edward can still today be admired in the restaurant “Tavern On the Green” in New York;
  • In Francesco Baccini’s album “Baccini and Best Friends”, the Genoese singer duets with Angelo Branduardi in the song “Mani di Forbice” (Scissorhands), inspired by the theme of Tim Burton’s movie.

Chiara Pirani

Translator Roberta Croce