from Lee Toland Krieger, 2015

In a stormy night in 1908, the twentynine yers old Adeline Bowman becomes a victim of a car accident that mysteriously makes her immortal.

From that night Adaline stops growing old and sees her life passing, so that her daughter gets older as her, becoming an old lady, and she also learns not to fall in love and to create ties to avoid confronting the same problema as her mother. But unexpectedly she meets Ellis, a thirty-year-old guy with whom she falls in love at first sight, and Adaline’s determination not to tie up with anyone falters.

Director Lee Toland Krieger creates a story like “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” reflecting on the concept of mortality and time passing.

Throughout the film’s life, the time represented is perfectly accompanied by the various scenes-plays, costumes and music.

Blake Lively with her impassive presence perfectly interprets the role of a woman forced to space love to avoid losing it, but also eager to grow older to spend time together with the person she loves. Krieger tells us the history in a classic way, taking back the style of old love stories and giving a sudden melodramatic turn.

“The age of Adeline”, is in my opinion a good movie that enthralls the audience with the curiosity that the director drives by.



Top 5 curiosity

1. Initially, it was taken into account to ​​calling Gabriele Muccino to direct the film and calling Katherine Heigl and Angela Lansbury in the cast.
2. Filming takes place in Canada.
3. The official soundtrack of the movie “Life is Beautiful” was composed by US singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey.
4. The film had a good success, collecting $ 65 million worldwide, of which only 3.2 in Italy.
5. Costumes summarize one hundred years of fashion history.


Flavia Satta

Translation Samira Loser